Alcohol Advertising Pre-Vetting Service

The Alcohol Advertising Pre-Vetting Service (AAPS) is an important part of the ABAC Scheme.

AAPS began in 1992.  It provides a valuable, confidential user-pays service to alcohol companies by assessing proposed advertisements and packaging against the ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code at an early stage of development.

This provides some level of assurance, but no guarantee, against the possibility (and costs) of an advertisement or packaging being later ordered out of the marketplace – via the independent ABAC complaint processes.

In 2017 13 percent of proposed advertisements and packaging were rejected outright at the pre-vetting stage under AAPS – stopping them from ever being broadcast or printed.  Further proposed advertisements were only approved after modification.  Between 1992 and 2004, the AAPS service only involved beer and spirits advertisers.  In 2004 winemakers joined AAPS as a direct result of a review of The ABAC Scheme, initiated by the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy.

In December 2005 the ABAC Rules & Procedures were formally amended to accommodate the AAPS service under the umbrella of The ABAC Scheme.  Many non-signatories also use the AAPS service.

Companies who wish to use the AAPS can find the necessary forms here.