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Date of determination
Determination number
172-4 & 176/20
Brand Involved
Hard Fizz
Fizzy Mates Pty Ltd
Nature of Breach
Rapid consumption is shown and excessive consumption implied by an image of a woman pouring the entire contents of the product in her mouth, using the product as a prop to demonstrate sexually provocative behaviour raises a reasonable implication the consumption or presence of the product may contribute to sexual success and the account failed to activate available age restriction controls.
Previous Code sections - 1 July 2014 to 31 July 2023
(a)(i) excessive or rapid consumption, misuse or abuse of alcohol, inconsistent with NHMRC guidelines
(a)(ii) irresponsible or offensive behaviour
(b)(i) strong or evident appeal to minors
(b)(iv) placement rules
(c)(ii) success
(d) safety