Tradie Beer Instagram Posts

Expedited Determination No. 163/23



Product:                   Tradie Beer


Company:                Tradie Brands

Date of complaint: 6 October 2023


Complaint:              That Tradie Beer is being promoted to the same audience as for the Tradie lingerie brand without an age gate.


Code Standard:     Part 4 (b) provides that Available Age Restriction Controls must be applied to exclude Minors from viewing an Alcohol Marketing Communication.

Marketing:                Instagram posts about Tradie Beer on the Tradie Beer and Tradie Brands Instagram accounts.


Company action:    The Company accepted the breach of Part 4(b) of the Code and has age restricted Instagram posts promoting Tradie Beer.


Nature of breach:   Failure to age restrict Instagram posts promoting Tradie Beer is a breach of Part 4(b) of the ABAC Code.

Chief Adjudicator

16 October 2023