The ABAC Management Committee sets the strategic direction, manages and reviews the operations and publications of the ABAC Scheme with a view to:

  • encourage industry members, large and small, to participate in the quasi-regulatory system;
  • ensure an effective quasi-regulatory system;
  • monitor ABAC operations and improve them where necessary;
  • Manage the ABAC Pre-vetting Service as an effective mechanism to support and strengthen the aims of ABAC and encourage the use of this service; and
  • Co-ordinate the development and completion of a publicly available annual report.

The Management Committee includes representatives of each of the following associations, as well as a government representative from the Federal Department of Health:

Brewers Association of Australia

Spirits & Cocktails Australia Inc

Australian Grape & Wine

Advertising Council Australia

Each member of the Management Committee represents a group of stakeholders in alcohol beverage marketing regulation.  The Management Committee meets at least four times a year and any issues raised by any member or referred by the Panel or Pre-vetters receive full consideration.  In practice, the Committee operates on a consensus basis.

The ABAC Rules and Procedures outline the way in which each of ABAC's components, including the Management Committee, operate.

The ABAC Whistleblower Policy is available here.