ABAC Online Training Resources

ABAC Training Course & Certification

This course uses a series of short videos, each followed by 1-2 questions, designed to educate and consolidate an alcohol marketer’s understanding of:

  • the ABAC quasi-regulatory system;
  • the standards for responsible marketing and packaging of alcohol in Australia;
  • how the ABAC Adjudication Panel applies those standards; and
  • how to use the ABAC pre-vetting service to check that proposed alcohol marketing and packaging meets the ABAC standards.

We encourage everyone involved in the marketing or packaging of alcohol in Australia (alcohol producers, distributors, retailers, their advertising, social and media agencies, influencers, social media moderators, packaging designers and media platforms) to undertake this course and to make it a part of the induction of new staff members, agencies or marketing partners.  Completion of the course with 80% accuracy will generate a personalised certificate of completion.

The course will take around 1 ¼ hours to complete.

Access the ABAC Online Training Course

ABAC Training Video Series

In addition to the complete training course each video is available to view separately (by clicking on the Video title below) as a refresher for staff familiar with the ABAC system and standards, or to enable clarification of a specific area or standard.  Each video is between 3 and 8 minutes in length and the entire series is around 55 minutes.

Video 1: What is ABAC?

An overview of the ABAC quasi-regulatory system and explores the reasons industry participants should observe the strict standards for alcohol marketing and packaging in Australia.

Video 2: ABAC Code Interpretation

Coverage of the ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code and how the standards are applied to a marketing communication.

Video 3: ABAC Code Part 3(a) – Responsible & Moderate Portrayal of Alcohol

This video explains, using examples, the first group of Code standards requiring the responsible and moderate portrayal of alcohol.

Videos 4-6: ABAC Code Part 3(b) – Responsibility towards Minors

These videos explain, using examples, the second group of Code standards requiring responsibility toward minors.  This is a provision that is commonly raised in complaints about alcohol marketing and is broken up into three areas:

Video 7: ABAC Code Part 3(c) – Responsible Depiction of the Effects of Alcohol

This video explains, using examples, the third group of Code standards requiring the responsible depiction of the effects of alcohol.

Video 8: ABAC Code Part 3(d) – Alcohol & Safety

This video explains, using examples, the fourth standard restricting the consumption of alcohol before or during activities that require a high degree of alertness and physical co-ordination.

Video 9: Social Media Influencers

Restrictions on social media influencers promoting an alcohol brand.

Video 10: How to Use the ABAC Pre-vetting Service

This video explains how the pre-vetting service works and how to best interact with the service.

Any queries about the training course or resources should be directed to info@abac.org.au